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This study aimed to determine thematic learning and its relation to the methodology of Islamic education. This study was a literary research through document analysis in the form of literature study. The form of this study was descriptive qualitative in the form of a description of a certain situation using interactive methods. This study reveald how thematic learning (basic concepts of thematic learning), thematic learning foundations, thematic learning principles, thematic learning characteristics, signs for thematic learning implementation, and the integration of Islam in thematic learning. Thematic learning was one form or model of integrated learning, namely the webbed model. The philosophical foundation consisted of various things, namely progressivism, constructivism, and humanism. While the juridical basis was rooted in the law, and the psychological basis was the basis for the psychological development of children. In relation to Islamic education, thematic learning could integrate Islamic values ??and allowed students to integrate ideas in inter-fields of study enabling students to study, conceptualized, improved and assimilated ideas in solving problems, especially in the frame of Islamic morality and spirituality.


Pembelajaran Tematik Metodologi Pendidikan Islam

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Munawwaroh, L. (2022). Pembelajaran Tematik (Telaah Kritis Metodologi Pendidikan Islam). QuranicEdu: Journal of Islamic Education, 2(1), 98–114.