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A practical and automatic perspective in society 5.0 era gave birth to a person who was blunt in analysis. The gift of reason that was seldom used was decidedly shallow. In fact, the characteristic of humans that distinguishes them from other animals was reason. Human thinking activity leaded the way of clarity and breadth of knowledge. This study was conducted with the aim of revealing the natiq human selfhood in the view of 'Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This study used a qualitative method based on a literature review on the educational ideas of Muhammad Iqbal as a modern Muslim poet and thinker. The analysis results of Iqbal's thoughts on education were in the concept form of individuality, individual growth, physical and spiritual balance, individual linkage with society, individual creativity, intellectual and spiritual roles as well as character education which was very relevant in this fast and easy era.


Falsafah Pendidikan Muhammad Iqbal Era Society 5.0

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M. Ramin, M. (2023). Rekonstruksi Falsafah Pendidikan Muhammad Iqbal di Era Society 5.0. QuranicEdu: Journal of Islamic Education, 2(2), 192–210.